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BOSMIP IV (Business Organisations as Single Market Integration Players), will follow up on the successful BOSMIP I, BOSMIP II and BOSMIP III (ongoing) projects and will consist mainly of various acquis-related workshops. BOSMIP IV will focus on three areas: enterprise restructuring/pre-accession-preparation, energy and various social issues through promoting social-economic partnerships. In addition to workshops, mentoring programmes will be organised to ensure permanent coaching by EU27 civil society organisations (CSOs) to the target CSOs in the Western Balkans. A study visit to Brussels will also take place to increase the awareness of the functioning of the EU and how to connect better to EU decision making and networks (advocacy).

BOSMIP IV will expand the BOSMIP concept from working with employers federations only to working with other civil society actors as well. BOSMIP IV will match up economic and social committees, trade unions, academic institutions and employers’ organisations in target countries and EU27 partner countries. The main aim will be to strengthen capacities and provide technical assistance for employer federations, trade unions and other partner CSOs involved and to increase cooperation by ‘exporting’ best practices from EU27 countries to the target federations. Extolling the virtues of national socio-economic committees will also be a goal towards preparing CSOs for pre-accession. BOSMIP IV aims hereby to build up civil society so it can be a viable partner vis-vis the governments in the Western Balkans. Seminars will be focused on implementing practical and tangible value-added best practices.

The six target countries will be Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), Kosovo[1], Montenegro, and Serbia.

[1] Under UNSCR/1244/99, hereafter referred as “Kosovo”

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